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Dance Fitness FAQ's

Hopefully we can answer any questions you may have below but if not then please get in touch...



Can I join a class anytime?

​Yes! Due to the nature of Dance Fitness you can start anytime. Just be prepared for the routines to take at least a few weeks to become familiar but while your getting to know them just do what you can to follow the instructors lead and most importantly have fun with it. 

How do we learn the dances?
Simple! By copying the instructor to the best of your ability. To ensure the class remains a high intensity dance workout, rarely will the steps be broken down in detail and explained. Though this may sound like a difficult way to learn you will be surprised how easy it is as you allow your natural movements to help grasp the sequences and transitions within each dance. To make the routines easier to learn, sections are also repeated which coincide with different parts of the song.     



What clothing and footwear should I wear?

It is strongly advisable to wear light fitness clothes for any dance fitness class. Please also wear trainers. The most ideal trainers are those with a multi directional soled grip such as tennis trainers or dance fitness trainers however, if you just wear normal trainers these will be adequate for comfort.   



Do I need to register onto a class?

You are welcome to just turn up to a class without getting in touch though we welcome new dancers to get in touch first in case a class had to be cancelled due to ill health etc.  






How long will it take for Dance Fitness classes to get me fit or lose weight?

Not long! Classes are designed by our instructors to be dynamic and high energy workouts with obvious calorie burning effects (in some cases over 1000 a class depending on the class) Due to the movements involved the classes will also help to tone and sculpt your body too. Our Dance Fitness programmes can be as vigorous as you wish so the results are down to you. As with any exercise if you want to get fit the more classes you attend each week the better the results!   


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