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Ballroom FAQ's

Hopefully we can answer any questions you may have below but if not please get in touch...


Does it matter if I've never danced before?

No, we cater for all abilities including the absolute beginner with two left feet! Just make sure you register into a new beginner session or class.


Do I need a partner?
Whilst you would benefit from attending a class with a partner it isn't essential and we often find single students attend. Ladies are more than welcome to partner up with each other and take it in turns to do the lead steps or alternatively solely learn ladies steps and we can occasionally dance with you. Any single men attending are highly likely to find a single lady to partner with.   




What clothing do I wear?

There is no strict dress code but for added comfort gents may wish to wear trousers and ladies a skirt or trousers as opposed to any tight clothing or jeans. For those that wish to wear more comfortable dance wear, a wide range of clothes and shoes can be ordered through a reputable dance shop in the South West or Holbrooks Dance Shoes. 


If we attend a group class as a couple will we have to swap partners?

No, while some dance schools strongly encourage this, we actually believe couples should dance with each other and focus on developing their progress together. Occasionally, students are advised  to partner with instructors to benefit from a stronger lead in order to learn the more difficult figures and dances.



What about footwear if I don’t have dancing shoes?

Although we recommend proper dance shoes we fully understand that beginners may want to wait a while before committing to such a purchase. In such cases, we suggest ladies wear a shoe with a small heel and preferably something secure and flexible. For gents we suggest a flexible office type shoe which isn’t too clumpy (for consideration for the ladies toes!) and preferably with a non-slip heel. As soon as you become hooked (which shouldn’t take long) and dance regularly we strongly suggest dancing shoes to significantly improve your technique. A range of quality dance shoes can be found at Dancewear and other dance suppliers can also be found at


Does it matter if I miss an occasional class in a term?

No, as we always tend to cover figures learnt from a previous class in the subsequent week. Obviously it enables quicker progress to attend all the classes each term but it’s not imperative. Students will find it difficult if a few consecutive classes are missed. In which case we would encourage arranging a private lesson to simply catch up.



Can we just turn up to a lesson?

Please try to contact beforehand and register your places so we can manage and anticipate class sizes and of course secure your attendance. Drop in attendance will still be possible providing we have spaces available on the day. If we are mid way through the term its advisable to get in touch so we can suggest a suitable time to join. Often at the beginning of a new month we will start a new dance so its still fine to join us during a termly block of classes. If you have any questions ahead of coming along please dont hesitate to get in touch. 


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