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Waltz Videos

Click on the Waltz Videos below to access the choreography being taught in your class or lesson...


Beginner Level Class - Long Side 

Bronze II

Improver Level Class - Long Side


Silver / Gold 

Intermediate Level Class - Long Side

Silver / Gold

Intermediate Level Class - Short side 

Silver / Gold

Intermediate Level Class - Long SIde

Bristol Intermediate Class

January 2016 term


Choreography combination 




Left closed change

1-3 Natural turn

Spin turn

4-6 Reverse turn

Open telemark


1-3 Natural turn

Impetus turn


1-3 Reverse turn

Hinge Line 

Recover to Promenade Position





Waltz - section two




1-3 Natural turn

Running Spin turn

Outside Change

Chasse from PP

Curved feather step (hairpin to R)

Tipple Chasse

Running Contra Check to PP

Passing turn with feet together on 3

(man ww)

Same Foot Lunge




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